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Mickey Mouse
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|Gender = Male

|Voice = Wayne Allwine (until his death)

Bret Iwan (present)

|Personality = Brave, heroic, kind, friendly, loving, nice, caring, romantic, adventurous, funny, handsome, happy, clever, smart, sweet, gentle, polite, helpful, shy, bashful

|Appearance = Short, slender black mouse, cream-colored face, black nose, long, thin tail, black round ears, red cotton fabric shorts with two white round buttons on the front, yellow shoes, white gloves

|Occupation = Leader of the Clubhouse

|Alignment = Good

|Goal = To fall in love with Minnie (succeeded)

|Home = Clubhouse

|Pets = Pluto (dog)

|Relatives = Minnie Mouse (wife/girlfriend)

|Allies = Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Daisy Duck, Pete, Ludwig Von Drake, Chip, Dale, Toodles, Clarabelle Cow, Bella, Willie The Giant, Mr. Pettibone, Lots of guest characters, The Viewers

|Enemies = Pete, Mortimer Mouse

|Likes = Minnie, his friends, hanging out with his friends, dating with Minnie, singing, music, dancing, food, cheese, hot dogs, movies, going on adventures, birthdays, sleeping, parties, camping, surfing, swimming, playing fetch with Pluto

|Dislikes = Losing Minnie, sad things, storms, thunder and lightning, Pete, upsetting his friends

|Fate = Says good-bye to the viewers after leaving the clubhouse with his friends

|Quote = "Hey, everybody! It's me, Mickey Mouse." "See ya real soon." "Aw, thanks for stopping by."

Mickey Mouse is the main protagonist in the series