{{|Color = Green |Name = Pluto |Image = File:Pluto.jpg |aka = Pluto the Rescue Dog |Owner = Mickey |Credits = Fifth place Protagonist |Gender = Male |Portrayer = Bill Farmer |Friends = Mickey (Owner), Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Pete, Ludwig Von Drake, Chip, Dale, Willie The Giant, Clarabelle, Bella, The Viewers, Guest Characters. |Enemies = Bad Pete, Anything or Anyone that gets in thier way. |First Appearence, Daisy Bo-Peep

ok lets just talk about sevengymasticgirls their so lame rachel is so bad a gymastics becuse she has a flexible back and front. caitlin has a bad split. these two are losers. their stupid stubburn lame nerd idiot brain damage they need to go to the hospital

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