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Pluto and mickey are stuck inside bubbles and floating away from the clubhouse!


The episode begins with mickey introduces himself to the viewers and minnie is preparing for a dog biscuts party. Pluto is all dirty that make mickey cross! Mickey needs some mouseketools, and getting ready for the bubble bath. Pluto attempts to put a melody of dododododo,dodo. Pluto and mickey each get a bubble and floats away from the clubhouse. They see pete petting his dog butch and screams,"LOOK AT THAT LITTLE DOG!!!", and they can't help popping with poison ivy. They get to earth, and saw minnie and daisy on a plane! Daisy says she is going to the dog biscuts party, and flys away. They are stuck in a cloud, and they saw goofy and donald. donald says that bubbles are too hard, and goofy says He is going to the biscuts party. They went back to the clubhouse, and saw bella and Clarabelle. Pluto and mickey splashes with mud, and mickey gets the idea to have a tea party. They sing the reprise and mickey says that everybody at the end of the episode can stand up and do the hot dog dance.