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{{|Color = Yellow |Name = Toodles |Image = File:Toodles.png |Owner = The Mouska-Dour |Credits = Seventh place Protagonist |Gender = Male |Portrayer = Robert Paulsen (when he has a face) |Friends = Mickey and the rest of the gang, Cutles |Enemies = Bad Pete (possibly) |First Appearence = Daisy Bo-Peep With a Face = Happy Birthday Toodles


Toodles is a machine created by Proffeser Von Drake. He was built to bring Mouska-Tools to Mickey and his friends. As a baby, Toodles was only an alarm clock. Toodles has many thing to get to Mickey and his friends. In the episode "Happy Birthday Toodles", Toodles got a face after they used there first Mouska-Tool, and got a voice shortly after the last Mouska-Tool was used.


Toodles with a face


Toodles gives Mouska-Tools to help Mickey and his friends. Toodles mostly carrys 4, but he sometimes carrys 3 or 5. A Mouska-Think-About-It-Tool can turn into anything they want.


  • Happy Birthday to me
  • Hip Hip Horray
  • But I want to help


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